Practice Fusion’s EHR updates are released over a two week period — see what’s coming next for your practice.


View signed documents more easily and with fewer clicks

The details panel will automatically stay minimized when opening a signed document, allowing you to view the document in full size faster. Clicking the Show details button will open the details window along the right-hand side.


Streamline your allergy entry

To help improve allergy documentation and further enhance the surfacing of drug-allergy interaction checks and alerts, the option to add a custom allergy will now be reserved for when there is not an exact match to the entered search term.


  • Clearer notifications will display when attempting to edit appointments that have already been deleted by another member of the practice.
  • A map of your practice location will display in Online Profiles.
  • Failed prior authorization tasks will now have the option to “Mark as complete” to clear them from the tasks list.
  • The “Messages” notification badge will consistently reflect the correct number of unread messages.
  • The “Observations” section in a signed encounter will remain hidden if the encounter has been customized to hide observations.
  • Notifications prompting customers to confirm their changes will no longer display when adding information in the Other Details section of the superbill.
  • Customers can successfully save superbills that contain three or more diagnoses.
  • Fundal height and hip and weight circumference measurements entered in vitals flowsheets will consistently display in metric units if this view has been selected.
  • Providers will no longer experience difficulty accessing charting templates from the EHR Settings.
  • Providers can now access a patient chart from the vaccine lot usage history.
  • The Direct Messaging sign-up screen will now load more quickly.
  • Refill requests will automatically open as a new tab in the patient chart.
  • Manually entered lab results will successfully save and can be accessed in the patient Timeline.

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Practice Fusion’s EHR updates are driven by feedback from our practices.