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Identify patients with potential headache disorders at the point of care

Headache disorders are common with inherent challenges in diagnosing more debilitating conditions, including migraines and chronic migraines. To help you provide your patients with the best care, Practice Fusion now includes clinical decision support (CDS) notifications for headache disorders.


Determine the level of pain and disability caused by your patient’s headaches to help better identify a treatment plan for your patient by completing the Migraine Disability Assessment (MIDAS) test, linked directly from the CDS notification. Click here to learn more about CDS alerts»



2016 Meaningful Use attestation deadline extension

As of February 2017, CMS has extended the attestation deadline for 2016 Meaningful Use data submission. Individual eligible professionals (EPs) now have until March 13, 2017 to submit their 2016 Meaningful Use data to CMS. Your Meaningful Use Dashboard has been updated to reflect the most up-to-date attestation deadline. Click here to learn more about Meaningful Use attestation»


  • When entering clinical information in a patient’s chart, such as new medications, diagnoses, or allergies, all Done and Add buttons have been updated to Save buttons to maintain consistency throughout the chart.
  • The Place of Service drop-down menu on the superbill will display all practice facilities.
  • HTML formatting no longer displays in the Notes section of the patient Profile.
  • Customers will no longer be prompted to assign lab results to a provider if a provider has already been selected.
  • Recurring appointment series can be deleted more quickly.
  • Failed fax referral tasks can be marked as complete.
  • The patient diagnosis list will now be sorted chronologically by diagnosis start date.

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