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Track a patient’s health concerns at a glance

The new Health Concerns feature can help you manage overall patient health by allowing you to monitor specific allergies, diagnoses, and other health concerns in one easily accessible section of the patient Summary. This feature was added to meet certain 2015 Edition EHR Certification requirements. Customize the Summary screen to include this feature for all of your patients via the Go To menu at the top of the window. Learn more about Health Concerns »

Release notes


Enhanced ICD-10 diagnosis workflow

Updated diagnosis search and display functionality in the patient chart, encounter, My Dx List, and superbill help create a more streamlined charting experience by moving ICD-10 codes to the forefront for quick and easy selection.

Release notes

Search for screenings, interventions, assessments and procedures using a more comprehensive database The Screenings/Interventions/Assessments search in the patient encounter is now more robust and comprehensive. In addition to keyword searches, providers now have the ability to search by SNOMED and LOINC codes as well. This feature was updated to meet certain 2015 Edition EHR Certification requirements.

Release notes

  • The document details pane will no longer cover the Sign button when previewing a pending document.

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