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Identify and report adverse events of special interest in patients on Prolia

Practice Fusion has partnered with Amgen Inc. to help providers report on adverse events of special interest for patients who are taking or have taken Prolia. Your participation in the Prolia Safety Program helps improve the long-term safety of patients on Prolia. Learn more the Prolia Safety Program »


Review therapeutic duplications while prescribing

Duplicate therapies are now flagged during the prescribing workflow to alert you of potential duplications in drug class or ingredients.



Customize your Meaningful Use reporting period

You can now select a custom reporting period on your 2016 Meaningful Use Dashboard. A rule from CMS and industry pressures make a 90 day reporting period in 2016 for all eligible providers very likely. Practice Fusion is giving providers the flexibility to choose either a 90 day or full year reporting period, depending on how you would like to prepare. If you have any concerns about how this applies to you, please contact CMS or your state program.

Need help setting up your dashboard? Click here to learn how »


  • Inactive chart note types will no longer display in the list of available chart notes types.
  • The City field in the Next of Kin section has been expanded to allow you to enter longer addresses.
  • Rich text formatting will be retained when using bulleted template items and when alternating between header and paragraph styling.
  • Text that has been copied from another location will retain spacing when pasted into an encounter.
  • Diagnoses and medications added in the Assessment and Plan sections of an encounter will now appear when previewing referrals.
  • We’ve made improvements to ePrior Authorizations to better determine when a prior authorization should be generated and successfully load forms when manually creating prior authorizations.

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