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Identifying and documenting patients with chronic pain conditions

Practice Fusion offers integrated alerts to help you provide your patients with the best care. Three new CDS alerts have been added to help you identify patients with chronic pain and document their condition. Any administrators in your account can choose to show or hide these alerts in the Settings by going to “CDS Notifications and Alerts” section under “Pain Compliance.” Learn more >>

Patients over the age of 18 will have an alert to assess their pain scale. To resolve this alert, simply mark the patient’s pain level in the encounter’s flowsheet.

Pain Assessment CDS Alertpng

A second pain CDS alert will alert you of any patients that might need a Pain Brief Pain Inventory (BPI). Click on the “Perform assessment” link in the alert to be redirected to the BPI assessment in the Screenings/interventions/assessments section of the encounter.

BPI CDS Alertpng

Lastly, you’ll receive a Pain Management Care Plan alert for patients with pain documented. Click on the “Record pain care plan” link in the alert to fill out the pain care plan in the Screening/interventions/assessments section of the encounter.

Pain Care Plan CDS Alertpng


Updates to your exportable patient data

You’ll now be able to open your exported patient records in an HTML format, which can be read as a web page. Go to a patient’s chart, select “Actions” and select “Export patient record”. Once you have created a CCDA file, you can view it in the readable format in the patient’s Timeline under “Exported patient records” by selecting “Download HTML”. Learn more about CCDA files >>


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