Practice Fusion’s EHR updates are released over a two week period — see what’s coming next for your practice.


Identifying patients with Pompe Disease

Practice Fusion offers integrated alerts to help you provide your patients with the best care. A new CDS alert will appear in a patient’s encounter when they have the clinical markers that are considered high-risk for Pompe Disease.

We also provide free testing support to help you diagnose patients that are at risk for Pompe Disease.

Pompe Disease Diagnosis

Additional CDS alerts are coming soon and we will provide more information prior to these new alerts appearing in your EHR. Learn more about CDS alerts >>


Changes to Clinical Documents

Clinical documents have been renamed to “Exported patient records” to better reflect what they are used for. You will now easily be able to locate and create clinical and referral summaries by going to the patient’s timeline and selecting “Exported patient records” or by selecting the “Actions” menu and choosing “Export patient record”. You will also find a new settings screen option called “Data portability” that allows you to export all patient records at once, rather than one-by-one. Learn more>>


New Option for Encounter Observations

Observations are free text fields which are used to record the functional and cognitive statuses of the patient in the encounter note. If the patient doesn’t have any observations to report, you can now check the “No impairment” box.

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Practice Fusion’s EHR updates are driven by our community submissions and feedback from our practices. Have an idea or new feature that would improve your experience? Let us know!