Practice Fusion’s EHR updates are released over a two week period — see what’s coming next for your practice.


Changes to inactive patients

We have updated how your inactive patients appear in your EHR based on your feedback! Patient who have been marked inactive by a user in your account will have (Inactive) appear next to their name in the Patient List under “Charts” as well as in their chart header.

Inactive patients are now hidden when searching for patients in the scheduler, messages sections, lab orders/results and refill tasks. Click here to learn more >>

Improvements to your allergy workflow

When you discontinue a medication in a patient’s chart due to an allergy, you will now be prompted to enter it in as a drug allergy. This reduces the amount of clicks you need to do to add a new allergy. To learn more about this workflow, click here >>

Free-text entered allergies have been removed from the patient’s past medical history and added to your patient’s structured allergy field on their summary tab. Using this section will allow you to receive any drug allergy alerts while prescribing. Refer to the “Free-text allergies” section to learn more about this change >>. You can also now create custom environmental and food allergies by typing in a custom entry into the search box and saving it. Click here to learn more about custom allergies >>

As always, we encourage your feedback and suggested improvements in our Product Ideas Forum to help us deliver the best EHR experience possible.

Practice Fusion’s EHR updates are driven by our community submissions and feedback from our practices.

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