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Meaningful Use dashboard enhancements

Providers who have selected a Meaningful Use start year of 2015 or earlier now have the ability to choose between a 1 year or custom 90-day reporting period on the Meaningful Use dashboard.


The Meaningful Use dashboard has also been updated to include Exclusion toggles, enabling you to claim exclusions from measures when applicable. Once the exclusion has been claimed, that measure will be marked as complete in the dashboard and added to your total number of satisfied objectives, helping your practice stay on track for your 2016 reporting. Learn more about the Meaningful Use Dashboard »


Objective 9: Secure Messaging will now show as a numerator and denominator calculation. Additionally, the Specialized Registry Reporting measures have been condensed under Objective 10: Public Health to improve clarity.


  • The Provider drop-down menu in the Tasks section is now sorted by active and inactive providers.
  • The Meaningful Use dashboard summary will accurately display a count of your completed measures.
  • Embedded online booking schedules now load correctly on personal websites.
  • Middle names will now display when searching for patients in Messaging and Tasks.
  • All supported file types can once again be uploaded to import patient demographics.
  • Past Medical History will properly load when charting patient encounters.
  • The Cancel, Order, and Done buttons in the medication workflow will now display when charting on an iPad.
  • We’ve improved in-product notifications when you attempt to delete an encounter that has been associated with a lab order.
  • Historical or refused vaccines will no longer display as Unknown in a patient’s immunization history.
  • Acute diagnoses entered without start dates will no longer display as historical when printing a patient chart.
  • The Daylight Saving box will properly save in your EHR Settings after logging out of the EHR.

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