Learn how Practice Fusion can support your daily workflow with scheduling, charting, e-Prescribing, labs, billing, Meaningful Use and more.

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Patient Engagement

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Recorded Webinar: Optimizing your EHR workflow with the patient portal

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to best engage your patients in their health with Practice Fusion's patient portal.

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Engaging patients through the Patient Fusion portal

Learn how your patients can access their health records, manage their appointments, and communicate with your office using Patient Fusion.

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Streamline scheduling with bi-directional appointment booking

Learn how bi-directional appointment booking allows you to respond to appointment requests you receive from your Online Booking Page and Patient Fusion.

Patient Intake v.1

Collect info quickly with patient intake forms

Learn how to create, customize and send patient intake (online check-in) forms.

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Scheduling and managing appointments

Learn how to manage your practice schedule, book appointments, and manage appointment requests.

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Send and receive internal and external messages

Preview Practice Fusion’s new messaging feature, which allows you to communicate with your patients, practice staff, and provider network in one unified inbox.