Learn how Practice Fusion can support your daily workflow with scheduling, charting, e-Prescribing, labs, billing, Meaningful Use and more.

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Patient Encounter


Recording and submitting immunization records with Practice Fusion

Learn how to connect to your state's immunization registry, add vaccinations to your patients' charts, and meet Meaningful Use Objective 10.

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Quickly create customized charting templates

Learn how to create and edit templates to chart patient encounters quickly and consistently.

ICD-10 Video

Transition seamlessly from ICD-9 to ICD-10 with Practice Fusion

Learn how to easily make the October 1st transition to ICD-10 as seamless as possible with this clinical, ordering and billing overview.

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UPDATED: Quickly create visit superbills with ICD-10 codes

Learn how to create, code with ICD-10 and transmit your post-encounter superbills.

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Quickly fill patient's medications with e-Prescribing

Learn how to add medications, send e-prescriptions to over 98,000 pharmacies, and process refill requests in the EHR.

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Easily track vital and lab trends with flowsheets

Learn how to chart vitals and track lab results directly in a patient's flowsheet.

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Save time and money with electronic lab ordering

Learn how to order lab tests from Practice Fusion's integrated lab partners and create specimen labels.

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Charting a patient's encounter

Learn how to chart a patient encounter and use customized templates in the EHR.

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Sending referrals

Learn how to send and receive referrals and responses in the EHR.

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Seamlessly receive lab and imaging results

Learn how recording lab and image results in Practice Fusion can help you achieve Meaningful Use requirements.