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  • Contributing Writer · December 22, 2009

    Using a linked EHR-PHR for lab test result reporting

    Reporting of laboratory test results to patients is a challenge to most practicing physicians. Ineffective management of this process can result in suboptimal care, as well as malpractice liability. Many practices rely on a “no news is good news” approach, only reaching out to patients...


  • Contributing Writer · December 1, 2009

    Who “owns” a shared medical chart?

    The question of who “owns” the information in a medical record has become a little fuzzier with the development of new technologies that allow clinical chart sharing between medical practitioners, and with sharing of that chart with patients.


  • Contributing Writer · November 19, 2009

    Web-based EHRs and the Health Internet

    Medical information systems need to talk to each other – whether that data sits in a physician’s ambulatory Electronic Health Record (EHR), or in a hospital system, or in a patient-centered Personal Health Record (PHR), the data should flow back and forth easily. That is...


  • Contributing Writer · November 17, 2009

    How will my EHR report Meaningful Use data?

    The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) has developed criteria for Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). An HHS-certified EHR (and remember, there are no current HHS-certified EHRs, since that process is yet to be finalized), when used in a “meaningful”...


  • Contributing Writer · October 27, 2009

    EHR Scalability

    One of the questions that comes up when considering an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is “can this EHR scale up to my sized practice?” A presumption is that “smaller” EHRs, which cater to small group and solo practices, would not fare well when deployed...