System Requirements

Find out what you need to use Practice Fusion to run your office. Get requirements for internet connection, hardware and your operating system.

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Practice Fusion System Requirements

These system requirements are regularly updated with recommendations for the optimal use of Practice Fusion’s free, web-based EHR.

Broadband Requirements

Practice Fusion is a robust internet application and requires a broadband connection.


Practice Fusion is supported on the following hardware systems:
Hardware Recommended
Processor 2.5GHz
Screen resolution 1600 x 1200 (Minimum: 1024 x 768)
Internet Speed 3 Mb/s or higher

Operating Systems & Browsers

Currently Windows Edge is not supported on Windows 10 systems. Safari is not supported on any Mac systems. Click on the browser name to download. Practice Fusion is supported on the following hardware systems:
Platform Operating System Browser
Windows Windows 7, Windows 8 Desktop, Windows 10 Chrome (Preferred), Firefox, Internet Explorer 11
Mac OS X 10.10 Chrome (Preferred), Firefox


Practice Fusion recommends using a 7.9″ (diagonal) sized tablet or larger for optimal user experience. The EHR for tablet is supported on the following tablets and browsers:
Vendor Recommended Device Operating System Supported Browser
Apple iOS iPad 3, 4, iPad Mini, and iPad Air iOS 9 Mobile Safari 9+
Google Android Google Nexus 9 Android 5, Android 4.4 Google Chrome 39+
Microsoft Windows Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Windows 8.1 Internet Explorer 11 (Note: IE 10 is no longer supported)