Prior Knowledge Partners with Practice Fusion to Uncover Data-Driven Public Health Insights

Practice Fusion will use Prior Knowledge predictive database, Veritable, to reveal health trends in Practice Fusion’s clinical dataset, one of the largest in the US

SAN FRANCISCO- August 2, 2012 – Prior Knowledge announced today that they are teaming up with Practice Fusion’s Research Division to explore new possibilities of interpreting health data using Veritable, Prior Knowledge’s predictive database. The San Francisco-based startup empowers “non-data scientists” – including entrepreneurs and app developers – to discover hidden relationships and find insights in data regardless of their math skills. The pilot will uncover new health trends using Practice Fusion’s de-identified dataset, which covers the largest physician-patient community in the country.

“We’re working toward the same goal of democratizing information,” said Ryan Howard, CEO of Practice Fusion. “Practice Fusion is unlocking health information technology for doctors and patients while Prior Knowledge is unlocking data for entrepreneurs and researchers. This pilot test can help solve the some of the biggest problems in healthcare today.”

Key Facts:

  • Prior Knowledge’s flagship predictive database offering, Veritable, allows individuals and organizations to understand their data and make state-of-the-art analyses and predictions without needing a statistics background
  • Veritable analyzes the underlying structure of datasets and reveals new insights that would be difficult or impossible to discover with traditional data science techniques and is already publicly available through a cloud-based REST API
  • The Practice Fusion Research Division partnership will identify public health trends using one of the largest clinical datasets in the country
  • Prior Knowledge was formed in August 2011 by a team of MIT graduates and closed a $1.4 million seed round in February 2012 with Founders Fund

“As the largest physician-patient community in the US, Practice Fusion is an ideal partner,” said Eric Jonas, CEO of Prior Knowledge. “Our unique technology lets us rapidly extract the most valuable relationships in the data in order to solve the right problems. And Practice Fusion has the right data—one of the largest clinical datasets in the country, with profound potential for revealing new health insights.”

About Prior Knowledge
Prior Knowledge makes insight and predictions as easy as using a database, by building infer-structure – infrastructure for inference. Veritable, their predictive database, goes beyond traditional analytics by learning the deep structure of data and generating predictions that reflect all of these relationships. Prior Knowledge is backed by Founders Fund and independent investors. For more information, visit

About Practice Fusion’s Research Division
Practice Fusion’s Research Division provides information from one of the largest, longitudinal clinical databases in the US for the purposes of clinical research and public health analysis. With a focus on real-time insight into adverse drug reactions, disease outbreaks and other national health issues, Practice Fusion’s Research Division powers studies that are providing new insight into healthcare and how it is delivered. All research information utilized is fully de-identified and compliant with HIPAA cfr 164.514. For more information, please visit