Instant e-referral

Send instant e-referrals directly from the EHR and receive confirmation about your patient referrals as soon as your colleagues receive them.

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Computer screenshot of Practice Fusion Electronic Patient Referral Letters

Instant Patient Referral

Send instant patient referrals with just a click of a button. No more lost faxes and overlooked communications—your referrals can be retrieved online instantly by any provider in the country.

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Instant patient referral confirmation

With our collaborative messaging feature, you can get instant confirmation from your colleagues on the status of your medical referrals. No need to keep your patients waiting on a reply—your colleagues can simply send you a quick referral response within the EHR to confirm your request.

Instant patient referral confirmation

Find your colleagues in the EHR

Finding providers to exchange instant referrals with is simple. Our provider search bar allows you to search throughout the entire Practice Fusion network, so you can find specific colleagues or search for specialists in your area. Contacts are stored for easy retrieval. For colleagues outside of Practice Fusion, you still have the option of sending a traditional fax referral directly from your EHR.