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What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a United States law that has two main parts. The first protects worker health insurance coverage in the case of termination (ie, portability). The second establishes national standards for electronic health care transactions (ie, accountability). In 2013, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) finalized new HIPAA rules strengthening the privacy and security protections for electronic patient health information.

Protecting patient security and privacy is our number one priority. That’s why our electronic health record (EHR) software meets or exceeds all HIPAA and proposed HHS certification requirements.

Your data security and privacy is our number one priority

We monitor state and federal HIPAA rules to ensure your EHR is always compliant, and we conduct regular third-party audits to ensure that your data are safe.

Access to your EHR account is defined by strict user access levels so that information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Our world-class data centers feature biometric security, data backups, redundant power supplies and continuous surveillance systems. All your data transfers with us have the highest level of SSL/TLS encryption against malicious parties.

All these protection measures make us an industry leader for EHR security.

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Connect to more clinical data with our HIPAA-compliant network

With our EHR, you can send and receive protected data from the largest HIPAA-compliant network of labs, imaging centers, pharmacies and billing systems directly within your EHR.

Plus, with the option to enable clinical data exchange from health plans and accountable care organizations, you can access your patient’s health records from hospitals and other practices.

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Reach your patients anywhere, anytime with HIPAA-compliant messaging

Connect with your patients and help them understand their health and treatments with our HIPAA-compliant messaging. Practice Fusion is also the first and only EHR that’s optimized for your iPad, Android or Microsoft tablet, so you can connect with your patients from anywhere.

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Check out how our HIPAA-compliant software helps provide peace of mind around patient data security.

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