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Secure messaging saves you time and money

A key feature of our EHR is our online patient portal, Patient Fusion. By giving you and your patients continual access to protected health information and HIPAA-compliant messaging, you can cut down on unnecessary phone calls and appointments. You and your practice will save time and money so you can focus on providing the best care possible.

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Keep patients engaged with a secure patient portal & HIPAA-compliant messaging

Through our secure patient portal, Patient Fusion, you can give patients access to their personal health record (PHR). Easily keep your patients engaged in their care by providing them their health information, including diagnoses, medication, allergies, immunizations, lab results, procedure history, and care plans.

Secure messaging through the patient portal allows questions to be answered online, so you can make sure patients completely understand their care. HIPAA-compliant emails and text messages remind patients of appointments and their treatments.

Also, since Practice Fusion is the first and only EHR that’s optimized for your iPad, Android or Microsoft tablet, your patients and their charts are always in reach.

Fulfill Meaningful Use requirements with our EHR security measures

Meaningful Use is a Medicare and Medicaid program that awards incentives for using certified EHRs to improve patient care. To achieve Meaningful Use and avoid penalties, providers must follow a set of criteria that serve as a roadmap for effectively using an EHR.

When it comes to EHR security, providers must demonstrate that their patients can send secure direct messages using HIPAA-compliant electronic messaging. They must also conduct a security risk analysis and correct identified security deficiencies.

Our EHR not only helps you fulfill these requirements, but you can also easily record and attest to meeting them through our Meaningful Use dashboard. Plus, our Meaningful Use Center can guide you every step of the way.

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