EHR Case Study: Internal Medicine

Dr. Berkman shares his story of going digital with the help of our amazing customer service team

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Dr. Samuel Berkman

Dr. Samuel Berkman didn’t want to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a sub-par EHR. Then he found Practice Fusion.

A free EHR? What’s the catch?

Dr. Samuel Berkman was hesitant to take his entire practice digital, but he discovered that Practice Fusion gave him a robust option at no cost—and with no catch. “I decided I was really going to get into this in a really big way,” he said.

Free, unlimited support

Dr. Berkman decided to give Practice Fusion a chance, but wanted enough support to help him through the set-up process. The prompt service made the switch doable for him.

A new outlook

Practice Fusion also helped Dr. Berkman complete the Meaningful Use program:

“I’m going through my attestation this year. Practice Fusion really improved my practice and improved my record keeping.”

Additional Practice Fusion Case Studies

Internal Medicine and Hematology

Dr. Samuel Berkman didn’t want to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a sub-par EHR. Then he found Practice Fusion.


Dr. Giurgius was hesitant to go digital with his Los Angeles psychiatry practice, until Practice Fusion and his son Shadee helped him make the switch.

Orthopedic Surgeon

After trying out another EMR, Dr. Andrew Bronstein turned to Practice Fusion for his Las Vegas surgical practice and quickly discovered more than a free price tag.

Mobile Medicine

With his therapy dog Siggy and Practice Fusion by his side, Raymond Zakhari takes his mobile medicine practice all over Manhattan to treat patients.


New York City psychiatrist Dr. Vastsal Thakkar cut his charting time in half with Practice Fusion’s intuitive customizable template feature.

Bariatric Specialist

Dr. David Wyatt manages his three facility practice in northern Atlanta with Practice Fusion’s flexible EHR, allowing him to access patient information anywhere.

Family Medicine Specialist

A Practice Fusion user since 2009, Dr. Lynn McCallum manages her family practice completely paperless in Redding, California.

Practice Manager

Ken Harrington found Practice Fusion to be the perfect specialty fit for a busy Endocrinology practice in Washington DC.

Nurse Practitioner

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Scharmaine Lawson-Baker built a house call practice from the ground up using Practice Fusion’s free EHR.