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Free. Easy. Quick. Practice Fusion’s free EHR gives practices what they need, without the headaches. Electronic health records don’t have to be expensive, complicated and time-consuming.

We get feedback from users so we can design powerful yet streamlined features that deliver without disruption. Our training walkthroughs and dedicated support are tailored to get you started quickly—minutes, not months. And we’re free, so you keep your EHR savings and incentives.

Here’s why over 100,000 medical professionals have chosen Practice Fusion as the EHR for their practice:

  • 100% Free: No hidden fees, no limitations—just a powerful, easy-to-use EHR

  • Web-Based: Forget costly hardware upgrades—you can get started in seconds, online

  • Earn Stimulus Money: Earn thousands in incentives with our award-winning help

  • Stay Secure: We have Fortune 500 security measures to keep your data safe

  • Unlimited Support: Your dedicated account manager will answer all your EHR questions

  • Fully featured: Get everything you need from an EHR solution at no cost

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Benefits of switching to an electronic health record (EHR)

In his book, Health Informatics: A Practical Guide (6th edition), Dr. Robert Hoyt explains the need for electronic health records for practices and healthcare alike. Follow the link below to read a chapter from Dr. Hoyt’s authoritative textbook.

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