Tales from the Health Film Create-a-thon

What do nurses, filmmakers, office managers, and artists have in common? They all came together for the Disposable Film Festival Health‘s Create-a-thon to learn how to combine health advocacy and filmmaking into one powerful message.

The day kicked off with an impressive lineup of powerful speakers. The creators of My American Healthcare Story, David Goldman and Angela Lin, showed how far-reaching healthcare reform is needed by gathering the collective voices of Americans through film.

Emmy-nominated and Webby award winning filmmaker Eric Slatkin shared tips and tricks for creating movies.

Health 2.0 founder Matthew Holt rallied the creative community to address how the uprising of technology is allowing patients to take better control of their health. The day closed with patient rights art advocate Regina Holliday sharing her tragic story that inaccessible medical records caused her husband’s death and how it has inspired her to create a patient voice in health information technology through art.

While the speakers of the Create-a-thon stole the stage, the best part of the event was when the participants shared their own film ideas. A hospice nurse told us many of her patients are immobile because they need their toenails clipped – a very simple act that has life-changing benefits. Her hope for her film is to create awareness and inspire people to take action to provide better care for the elderly. Another attendee was a filmmaker who wants to raise awareness around food allergies by sharing the story of his newborn’s son struggle with the condition. A third film idea came from an office manager who is capturing the vibrant and inspiring personality of the chiropractor she works for and how he has positively affected their community. The encouragement in the room was contagious as each participant helped provide positive and helpful feedback for one another.

Submit your health film by Oct. 24th. Practice Fusion EMR.

For those who were not able to attend the Create-a-thon, you can still submit your health film by October 24th. Remember the high stakes – grand prize is $5000 with a VIP rooftop screening in San Francisco. The Disposable Film Festival and Practice Fusion look forward to seeing your health films!

My American Healthcare Story: http://myamericanhealthcarestory.org/

Eric Slatkin: http://ericslatkin.com/

Regina Holliday: http://reginaholliday.blogspot.com/

Matthew Holt: http://thehealthcareblog.com/blog/category/matthew-holt/

The Waiting Room Project: http://waitingroomproject.org/

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