Summary: Pathway to Meaningful Use Attestation

We have been actively striving to help our users achieve Meaningful Use, particularly through the Medicare Attestation process. From our perspective, it’s not enough to simply say “we have a Certified product; you’re on your own” – part of our goal is to help every one of our users who are candidates in their path towards accessing money set aside by the federal government (the EHR Incentive Program). We hope to have the largest cohort of successful Meaningful Use Attesters of any EHR platform in the country.

We have put together a variety of resources to help users understand what Meaningful Use is, what the criteria are, and how to Attest to such use with CMS. We have used these resources in our webinars (weekly as well as daily).

For those who have not been able to attend these sessions, we have included the slide decks here. We collapsed the first and second webinar (the Overview webinar, and the Deep Dive into the specifics of each of the criteria) into a single presentation. The third session, on how to carry out Clinical Quality Measures for Stage 1 Meaningful Use Attestation, is maintained as its own presentation.

We have included both of these presentations below. We hope these will be useful for our users who may have specific questions on how to achieve each of the needed items using Practice Fusion. You are welcome to download these materials, if you wish, or bookmark this page for reference subsequently.

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