Starting Your Second Year of Meaningful Use

Those of you who’ve finished your first year of Meaningful Use may now be relishing your newfound check from CMS, but keep in mind that you’ll need to keep meeting Meaningful Use requirements to get your full $44k (or $63k for Medicaid).

If you completed your first year of Medicare Meaningful Use last year, you need to keep meeting your 15 core criteria and 5 menu criteria for all of 2012 starting January 1, 2012. Since the Meaningful Use criteria haven’t changed, all you need to do is keep up the good work. Your patient records should already be entered in your EHR as structured data, so keep creating new chart notes, updating patient information, and monitoring your progress in the Meaningful Use dashboard to stay on track.

If you received your check for your first year of Medicaid Meaningful Use, you need to start your 90 days of Meaningful Use this year. Visit our Meaningful Use website to determine the next steps and don’t forget to check with your state program to learn how to attest.

If you haven’t started Meaningful Use yet, you still have time. However, 2012 is the last year you can still earn the maximum Medicare incentive amount. For the first year of the Medicare incentive you need to complete a 90 day reporting period. We recommend preparing now so you are ready to start before it’s too late—visit our Meaningful Use center to get started. For the first year of the Medicaid incentive you simply need to adopt an EHR and follow your state’s rules on how to attest.

If you’re not sure whether you qualify visit our Meaningful Use Center at to learn more about the stimulus incentive. Practice Fusion providers have already earned over $30 million in EHR incentives from the Medicare 2011 program alone!

By Naushad Godrej

Naushad Godrej is the newest addition to the EHRBlogger team and is Practice Fusion’s Meaningful Use Specialist. You can read more about Naushad HERE.

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    Overall, I am happy with my health insurance I found through “Penny Health” network. It is not perfect, but in today’s world what is? The health insurance plan has worked quite well for me and my family.

  • Daniel

    I have a question for all those that are presently using this EMR.  If you decide to leave this EMR service, will practice fusion provide you with your medical records free of charge? 
    Does Practice Fusion send advertisements to your patients?

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    Hi Daniel, 

    If you do decide to leave Practice Fusion, we can export your records to you. We do not advertise to patients.