Record Allergies Without the Headaches

Add allergy on Practice Fusion

You’ll see new changes to your allergies and insurance workflow in your EHR today!

Record allergies without the headaches

Based on feedback we gathered from dozens of users, we built a simpler allergies solution—so you don’t have to waste time logging unnecessary information.

Start from the Allergies section of a patient’s chart or by clicking Add Allergy from a SOAP note. Select the allergen type (food, drug or environmental) and search for your allergy from the new search screen.

The allergy details screen includes some new functionality:

  • Easy selection for Severity with graphical buttons
  • The ability to select multiple reactions (including ‘Unknown’) with type-ahead search
  • A back button so you can change the selected allergy

All fields except Severity will be optional so you only have to record the information you need (Severity is required for drug-allergy alerts). We will also remove the Location option in response to feedback from users that this field is not useful to them.

See our video below to learn more about changes to the allergy workflow:


We’ll also improve your allergy search functionality, with more food and environmental allergies as well as the new ability to select drug classes instead of individual drugs. Watch out for more information!

Seamlessly add new insurance

The insurance payer list is now cleaner, with easy type-ahead smart search functionality to easily find payer and plan names—for example, find ‘Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona’ by typing ‘Blue Arizona’. Plan names will also include address.

In your practice Payer List, we reduced duplicate payer, plan and address entries. For easier reference you will see address information alongside each payer / plan entry. To further clean up your list, inactive payers will be hidden—they can be shown by clicking the ‘Show inactive payers’ checkbox at the top. To make it easier to manage this list, administrator rights will no longer be required to edit or add entries.

Adding a new payer to a patient’s chart is easier than ever with a new, condensed Add insurance screen. We’ve combined the ‘Advanced edit’ options into three tabs in your add insurance dialog box—Payer, Employer and Subscriber, and the Group ID field has been added to the Payer tab for easier access.

Other changes

You’ll also see a new and improved Help Forum next time you need assistance with anything in your EHR! We’ve redesigned it and made it easier to use so you can get your EHR questions answered even more rapidly. Learn how to use our new Help Forum here.

Finally, to ensure a more seamless billing experience and make your patient management easy, PRN numbers are now automatically generated for you when creating a superbill if the patient doesn’t have one recorded already (these can be changed manually).

For a complete list of changes, visit our new Release Notes page.



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  • Joseph

    Since I have been using practice fusion (PF) for the last year, the updates and improvements are amazing. I only expect more to come. I am no longer in the market looking for a better EHR. Now I am focusing on making the best of PF and trying to master it!

  • Cindy Roseberry

    my payer list has not changed. it is a mess. I must have 30 Aetna when I used to have just one

    • Peter Cormack

      Nor has mine. I talked to a Practice Fusion rep on live chat, and they said these changes aren’t actually live yet – they’ll be coming out later in the week. The repeat payers should be fixed there.

    • Shea Steinberg-PF

      Should be updated today.

  • Sylvia gonzales

    I am grateful for all you do.some of the spelling in the template notes are wrong <I'll send you a list soon so that it can be permanently corrected..thanks

  • JMDinOKC

    The problem with making ANY field required, including severity, is that many patients don’t know anything at all about their allergies except that they have them. This conversation happens a lot: “When did this allergic reaction happen?” “I don’t remember. I was real young.” “How old were you?” “I don’t remember. I was real young.” “What kind of reaction was it?” “I don’t know. All I know is that my mama told me that the doctor said I’m allergic to zilchacillin and to never take it and to tell all my doctors that I’m allergic to it.” “How severe was it?” “I don;t know. All I know is that my mama told me that the doctor said I’m allergic to zilchacillin and to never take it and to tell all my doctors that I’m allergic to it.” “What part of your body was involved?” “I don’t know. All I know is that my mama told me that the doctor said I’m allergic to zilchacillin and to never take it and to tell all my doctors that I’m allergic to it.” So if you make “Severity” mandatory, you should put in an option to enter :”Unknown” because otherwise, you’re forcing us to lie.

    • Jackie Beene MD

      I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! I have been in practice for over 30 years and I can’t tell you how many times I have had a similar conversation with a patient. Now that I care for a large number of residential care patients, I hear this on a weekly basis.

    • Shea Steinberg-PF

      Hi there we added unknown and or other as an option for recording severity. Learn more about this release here:

  • yvonne dsouza

    Regarding Diagnosis entry –why can’t we enter 4 diagnosis at one time

    instead of clicking each one separately.
    May be you can fix this and save us some time

  • inenice

    tried to add medication patient is allergic to and it wasn’t in the list so how do you add it?

  • sholiday

    When will there be updates on the super bills? I would like to have a super bill given to the provider and then given to us at the front desk to bill accordingly. A Super bill that provides the address of the patient, allergies, phone numbers, emergency contact information and including the insurance information.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Punim

    Since this morning, I am unable to enter any allergy information because the box is way too big and I am unable to click on the bottom of the box. I was getting ready to certify for meaningful use, but I don’t know if I can now

  • Jackie Beene MD

    I use Practice Fusion on my laptop for my residential care patients. I have about 300 of these patients. Most are mentally and/or psychiatrically disabled. When I encounter them for their initial intake exam, they often will have a historical list of drug allergies. I question them as to what type of allergy they had to each listed drug. Most of the time they have no idea of even what the drug is much less what type of reaction they had. So I still can not use the allergy list. I would suggest adding “unknown” to the severity taps.

  • Sambandam Baskaran

    The allergy box is too big and “save” button is out of the screen.

    Custom entry to the allergic reaction list should be allowed or it should be expanded; for example, Myalgia, Arthralgia, Thrombocytopenia.

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