Practice Fusion + The Dr. Oz Show: Saving lives with free health technology

Our team has been working with The Dr. Oz Show over the past year to support his free 15-Minute Physicals provided to patients around the county. Our partnership will be featured on an upcoming Dr. Oz Show episode on December 13. Tune in on your local station—and read on to learn more about us!

What we do
Practice Fusion’s free Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology is used by over 150,000 medical professionals in small practices serving over 50 million patients. If your doctor uses a computer for medical records, the odds are pretty good that it’s being powered by Practice Fusion.

From appointment reminder emails to prescriptions sent electronically to your local pharmacy, Practice Fusion’s EMR system replaces paper in healthcare and empowers doctors and patients to improve health with better medical records. Each year, 195,000 people are killed by medical errors that can be prevented with better access to patient information. 7,000 people in the US die due to doctor’s handwriting alone.

However, most EMR technology is prohibitively expensive for doctors and difficult to use. Practice Fusion stands apart with a free, easy-to-use technology powering an under-the-radar transformation—and making a huge difference in patient lives.

Working with The Dr. Oz Show
It’s been six months since we first teamed up with The Dr. Oz Show to bring free EMR technology to 15-Minute Physical events across the US. Since then we’ve powered events in Philadelphia, Tampa, Portland, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh and Kansas City. In each location, our team set up EHR technology, trained medical volunteers and helped screen hundreds of people for health issues—all within 24 hours, and entirely for free.

At the end of each event, our clinical researchers used the anonymous data gathered throughout the day using the EHR system to present a Report Card on the city’s health to the mayor. We’ve measured shocking rates of obesity, hypertension and diabetes in some of America’s sickest cities. Our goal is to leave each person with a plan for getting healthier and each city’s mayor with a sense of urgency about the community’s health.

Working alongside Dr. Oz has been an inspiration to our team. His passion for improving health shows clearly when talking with individual patients and calling for major public health change. His advocacy for health technology has helped us to encourage doctors across the US to make the switch from paper to electronic records.

Join us!
If you’re inspired by what you saw on The Dr. Oz Show, get involved!

  • Explore our research – Read more about our clinical research into key health topics—from diabetes and childhood obesity to concussion rates among teenagers.
  • Spread the word about the power of health technology – Tell your doctor how easy it is to ditch paper and switch to a life-saving EHR system using Practice Fusion.
  • Join our team in San Francisco – We’re always looking for motivated, smart people to work at our fast-growing company. Practice Fusion offers amazing opportunities with careers that save lives.


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