Practice Fusion and The Dr. Oz Show provide “15 Minute Physicals”

Practice Fusion will be in Philadelphia with The Dr. Oz Show on May 19 assisting with a free screening of 1,000 Philadelphia patients for chronic disease. We will be reporting aggregate health data in real-time during the day and present a report card on the health status to the city of Philadelphia that evening.

Aggregating this information will provide a good indication of the urgency to focus on prevention in various areas to prevent the common major killers, heart disease and diabetes.

The “15 Minute Physical” is a quick series of screening tests including cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure and waist size. By providing quick, basic information to people, life threatening chronic disease can be stopped in its tracks, which is what the event hopes to accomplish.

If you’re a Practice Fusion physician user in the Philadelphia area interested in volunteering during the “15 Minute Physical” Day, please contact Paul Lechner at  Local Philadelphia patients who would like to participate in Dr. Oz’s Philadelphia 15 Minute Physical can sign up here.

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  • Marianne Padovan

    I just started this week. The programs are fantastic!

    Marianne Padovan :)

  • Plrikard

    As a computing professional I observed my clinician interacting with the patientfusion software. The interface desperately needs user testing before it is put into production. There were pop out screens that had no closure, the screen for a phone call contact includes input of patient data – blood pressure,.. that cannot be taken over the phone, no help screens easily available.  My clinician said that they had provided feedback on various issues for which they got no reply.

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    Welcome Marianne! Glad you are enjoying the product so far.

  • Lechners

    Looked at it and didn’t like it. There is a cost to FREE

  • Drpaul

    I’ve been using Practice Fusion for 2 years now! Without it we wouldn’t have a clinic. I’m very satisfied with this EMR. Tested 5 before this one. This one is the best for our clinic. And it has a great price point! Works on Linux and Mac too! Very happy :)

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    Great to hear Dr.Paul! Let us know if you would like to share this testimonial on our user testimonials page! 

  • Ahmadi727

    One the best EHR . Great costumer service.


    I’m interest about where I”ll get a evaluation about a work related Injure which is over 11 years old and all this time the pain is going up at every hour and is becoming worst at weak-up time

  • DML

    I notice that in the 8 comments showing below, only the positive ones were responded to.

  • DrHaas

    Agree.  I am hopeful they are working on these issues.  I am concerned that phone calls and notes on letters, where patient data input appears on the screen, will not be counted as a deficiency with Meaninful Use parameters. 


    I am also concerned that many PF flaws will count against our meaningful use calculations. The phone call and pt data issue was already mentioned below. Another issue is “custom prescriptions” these cannot be e-prescribed. Further, for me, most of them are not for medications-they are for physical therapy and xrays. So my percentage e-prescribing looks low because of this yet in actuality I e-prescribe almost all my prescriptions.
    Another problem with “custom” prescriptions is that I cannot save them so I have to type them in over and over and over again- that is a real problem and time waster.

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    I can assure you that we won’t prohibit you from qualifying for MU incentives. We’ve already helped our users gain over $30 million and features that are needed for stage 2 will be live in time for you to qualify. If you ever have MU questions feel free to reach out to

  • Drpaul

    I would love to share this on the testimonials page.  If anyone in Los Angeles wants to come and see a fully working clinic on PF send them over:  416 West Las Tunas Drive, Suite 201, San Gabriel, CA  91776.  All I would ask is to have them call and let us know, we are usually pretty busy but I would love to talk to anyone about it.  626-389-8448

  • Drpaul

    Just wanted to comment that this interface and EMR was probably NOT designed for “computing professionals.” The way clinicians think and the way they interact with technology is different from computing professionals.  I was a computer network administrator in my past life and I know that if EMRs were designed for computing professionals we would still be using MS-DOS.  When evaluating an EMR, try to talk to the clinicians actually using the product and not the vendors trying to sell you something.  This EMR works great.