Meaningful Use attestation deadline extended to March 31, 2014

Meaningful Use IconThe Meaningful Use reporting period for 2013 ended on December 31, 2013, but you need to attest to CMS by 11:59 pm ET March 31, 2014* to get incentives. (If you’re participating in the Medicaid program, check with your state program for timelines.) To help you prepare for a successful attestation, use these valuable resources:

And be sure to visit our new Meaningful Use Center to learn more about the attestation requirements and process.

*This deadline was extended from February 28, 2014 to March 31, 2014. 

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  • drsrmedley

    I would love to complete my meaningful use, but the updates are not registering

  • Robert

    I need to find someone who uses an EHR other than Practice Fusion so I can exchange PHR through direct messaging. If anyone knows of a practice that practice fusion can interact with it would be greatly appreciated. The CMS-EHR randomizer is currently not compatible with practice fusion.

  • Practice Fusion Admin

    Hi Robert,

    We are currently working closely with our Direct partner to allow Practice Fusion customers to send Direct messages to a CMS designated test EHR. We will have this available in time for providers who would like to complete this one-time action before the end of the first quarter. We’ll provide an update as soon as possible.

    Due to the secure nature of Direct messaging, there are certain Direct address domains (e.g. that Practice Fusion cannot currently exchange with because we have not yet completed the necessary steps needed to integrate with those systems. We are actively working with our Direct messaging partner to alleviate this problem and to make it easier for Practice Fusion providers to exchange information with non-Practice Fusion providers using Direct. In addition, similar barriers exist when utilizing the CMS EHR Randomizer, as Practice Fusion must first become a “trusted” connection with the EHR Randomizer tool in order for the addresses that are returned to be successful.

    If you would like more information about other EHR companies that are also using Updox because providers using those EHR systems can receive Direct messages from Practice Fusion providers, please visit the website of our Direct messaging partner Updox. Keep in mind that you would need to know another provider using one of the EHRs in the Updox network and also coordinate with that provider to find out their Direct address. Practice Fusion is not able to assist you with finding another provider who uses one of the available EHR products for the purposes of completing the exchange.

    If you would like to learn more, visit our Help Forum:

  • Michelle

    I don’t understand the difference between the MU dashboard report and the ONC Stage 1 – CQM report. I know I have met 3 of the 4 core CQM measures, but it is not calculating. We don’t monitor patients for any of the core CQM measures and follow them back up. I just really don’t understand this report. I’m ready to attest and this is the only thing holding me up. I’ve read the blogs, watched the videos and my questions are not being answered. Someone please help!

  • F Patricia McEachrane-Gross

    There was a problem on Dec 30 and 31 with the allergy documentation being updated. For me, this was not resolved before the reporting deadline of Dec 30,31. I have spoken, webchatted and sent messages since then about the issue since then. If the reporting deadline is over and I cannot update the record, am I now left not meeting 1 of the criteria? 2013 was the first full year for me How does this affect my ability to attest? Should this not have been resolved before the deadline was past?

  • globetrotter

    They stopped updating on Jan 31

  • Naushad_PF

    Hi Michelle, the CQMs are a different set of measures that you are required to report for Meaningful Use and track various quality metrics for specific patient populations. You are not required to meet any thresholds for the CQMs, so values of zeros will not prevent you from attesting to Meaningful Use.

  • Naushad_PF

    Hi Robert, you should now be able to send Direct messages to EHRs that have been designated by the EHR Randomizer. Check out our forum post about this topic for more details:

  • Naushad_PF

    Hi Patricia, I’m not entirely sure about the issue that you dealt with for your 2013 MU Dashboard. Keep in mind that the Dashboard is a tool to help you with attestation, but is not the only documentation that you can use. If you have updated the patient’s chart correctly, you can also keep track of those records to use for your attestation. Make sure to keep any documentation you use for attestation for at least 6 years.

  • Naushad_PF

    Hi drsrmedley, are you referring to the 2013 or the 2014 MU Dashboard? For 2013, most of your actions should have been taken in the 2013 reporting year for you to see credit in the 2013 MU Dashboard. The 2013 MU Dashboard is still updating, so you can sign SOAP notes from your reporting period to get credit for those visits. Review our attestation checklist for more information:

  • Robert

    No, it still doesn’t work. When entering the direct message address Practice Fusion states it is invalid and won’t allow me add it.

  • Sophie PF

    Hi Robert, thanks for reporting this. We are currently in the process of investigating an issue where users are unable to add Direct email address contacts to connections in the referral section.

    Unfortunately, there is not a workaround to add the Direct email address to the connection. We are aware of the issue and we are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Once this has been resolved, you will be notified via email.

  • Michael Kortbus

    Where is the option, on the 2014 MU dashboard in PF reports, to choose full year? I was just in touch with CMS and I have already done the 90 day reporting. Please advise!

  • Naushad_PF

    Hi Michael, in 2014, all providers only need to complete a shortened 3-month reporting period. This is for all years and stages of Meaningful Use. In 2015, you will go back to a full year reporting period.

  • Michael Kortbus

    Thanks for the Reply. Unfortunately, I called CMS and they told me that if I had already sent in 3 months of data and received the first check, I would need to send a FULL YEAR of data of stage 1 MU as the next step. Now I don’t know what to do, since PF doesn’t have the option of a full year and your statement about only needing 3 months. Could the CSR from CMS been incorrect?

  • Naushad_PF

    Hi Michael, what you explained is the normal reporting timeframe. However, CMS has granted an exception for 2014 that requires all providers, regardless of stage, to complete 3-months of meaningful use. Please see page 2 on the following CMS resource:

  • Michael Kortbus

    Thank you! It does say three months clearly. It is only a shame that the folks at CMS misinformed me.