INFOGRAPHIC: Trick or Treat: With Halloween Coming Up, a Few Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Although Halloween means many things to kids–ghosts and ghouls, costumes and scary stories of witches and goblins–most of all, Halloween means candy. However, the prevalence of obesity and related diseases in US children means that this year, Halloween is scarier than ever.

Data from Practice Fusion’s Research Division indicates that 21 percent of children are obese and another 16.5 percent are overweight. An alarming number of children are also diabetic or show signs of pre-diabetes, so it might be a good idea to take a closer look at what kinds of treats end up in kids’ pumpkins this year.

Here are a few tips from Practice Fusion to help make your Halloween happier and healthier:

  • Not all candies are created equal: fun-size Butterfingers are cited as having 100 calories; try indulging that chocolate sweet tooth with 40-calorie Milk Duds instead
  • Halloween activities can burn calories: choose longer trick-or-treating routes to encourage a longer walk
  • Healthy snacks make great stand-ins for candy: try roasting some pumpkin seeds, or handing out boxes of raisins to trick-or-treaters instead

At Practice Fusion, we encourage a company culture that emphasizes fun and celebration. But we know—perhaps better than anyone, given the data we see every day—that excess can come at a price. It’s important for children to learn early on that moderation is key.

See the infographic below for even more frightening facts!


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