Election Day 2012:The Impact on Health

Today is Election Day and everyone on the team here at Practice Fusion has been proud to exercise our rights to vote.

As you’ve no doubt observed, the topic of US health care delivery has been central to the Presidential campaigns and debates.  While differing in their proposed approaches, both GOP nominee Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama have acknowledged the importance of reducing the cost of healthcare and improving quality and access.  As an October 2012 Kaiser Health Tracking Poll revealed health care is an important topic to voters, “roughly a third of likely voters name the Affordable Care Act (37%), Medicare (36%), and Medicaid (30%) as “extremely important” to their vote”.

The election outcome will have an impact on Medicare coverage, State health governance, and implementation of provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as the “Health Law”.  However, health care delivery will remain a bi-partisan issue that both sides of the aisle must come together to fix.  And most policymakers agree that health IT has and will continue to play a central role in transforming our health care system by leveraging data, quality and outcomes measurement, exchange of health information, patient engagement, and public health reporting.

If you’re interested in learning more about the impact of the Presidential, Congressional, and state election outcomes on the health IT industry, the HIMSS is hosting a webinar on November 14, 12-1p EST.  You register here: Election 2012: How will the 2012 Presidential Election Affect the Healthcare IT Industry?

If you’re on the east coast, sit tight and wait it out and if you’re on the west coast and haven’t yet voted…you know what to do!

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