New Look, New EHR Features: Live Wednesday April 18

Practice Fusion will be getting a new look – with new EHR features – debuting this Wednesday (April 18). These features are designed to improve usability and provide you with enhanced functionality, such as prescription eligibility and formulary information. Read on to learn how to use the new features and navigate the improved interface.

New Navigation
The navigation bar has been made simpler, clearer and less cluttered:

1. Get help: Click on Get Help to access Live Chat and other methods of contacting support on the right sidebar.
2. Search bar: Searching through PF Answers is easier than ever. Just type your question into the question box and hit Enter to get answers.
3. Account management: Click on your practice name and click ‘log out’ to exit the EHR. You can lock the EHR by clicking on the lock icon in the far right.

Clinical Messaging
With our HIPAA-compliant clinical messaging you can easily collaborate with physicians in your network. Use this new collaboration tool for a quick curbside consult or to check on the status of a referral.

This clinical messaging feature will be expanded in the future to allow you to attach chart notes to messages and send referrals digitally.

Eligibility and Formulary (**Coming Soon)
Get real-time prescription eligibility information for your patients, in addition to formulary alternatives and pricing under your patient’s insurance plan.

Meaningful Use 2012
CQM reporting functionality is available for 2012. If you have completed your 90 day Meaningful Use reporting period for 2012, run the CQM report and begin attesting with CMS. For more information on how to attest, please visit Meaningful Use Attestation.

Delete a signed document
To delete a signed document, simply click the ‘Delete’ button in the bottom left hand corner of an open Document Details window.

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  • Janie

    THANK YOU! Everyone of the new updates are things that I have asked for!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Shea PF

    Glad to hear that Janie! The new look and feel is going to be a great revamp.

  • Steve Wan

    When does PF plan to enable office staff to access e-Rx for the doctor?  Currently I have to spend the extra time to e-Rx instead of assigning this to my staff.  PF has stated last year that this is “being worked on” and that was at least 6 mos ago.
    Currently to my knowledge, PF is the only major EHR system that still requires its doctor-subscribers to do the e-Rx on non-narcotic meds. 
    Please advise

  • Loving Heart Patient Advocacy

    I am a  private patient advocate who assists patients with doctor appointments and visits, insurance information, medications, etc. Can a feature be added that would allow a patient’s caregiver to receive emails tracking the work/time that has been been put in so far?

  • Linda

    Are you updating the procedure codes to 2012?

  • Patriciacali08

    When should we expect to upload templates which can be used on PF. Having to type currently used templates has been very time consuming and not ideal at all, since formatting is difficult or impossible.
    also, when we copy SOAP note to a message to be faxed, the formatting dissapears and everything has do be done, line by line… very time consuming.
    I look forward to improvements on these areas. Thank you.

  • Maryedillon2

    THanks for the updates. One area I hope is addressed is the ability to adjust margins on the printed chart notes. Currently they are too wide. Also any news on when PF is going to be fully functional on iPad? Thanks

  • Savoso

    I hope the abilty to close down open charts will be improved.  At presest it is too slow.  As others have stated, ability to close down all open charts at once would e big time saver.  Thank you though for your continued improvement of the system.

  • Tim Mailloux

    Well PF. I share Steve Wan’s concern for Rx assignment to renew Rxs by the staff. Doctor’s are losing time that EHR”s save on other conveniences. WE also desparately need an a call back visit feature. The E-mail reminder system is not helpful. Older patient’s don’t rely on E-mail. We need reminders to pop up when a patient has to be contacted to set an appointment. 

  • Stuti Diwan

    We are still waiting for a feature to flag/mark patients for various reasons, which can be viewed at the time of making appointments. For example a patient  cancels at the last minute all the time, has a past due balance, there are two patients with same names etc, Something like the Alert feature on Kareo.


  • Arapoli

    An option for lbs and ounces needs to be included in the vitals area. Using decimals has been creating a lot of problems

  • Laurie

    As a busy Family Practice we need to populate in events section a result for A1C so we know exactly when this was done for our Diabetic patients.  This would help in our quality reporting.

  • Nancyclinic

    Things that I have requested as well, there is still alot of work to do.  All labs that are pending need to be readily accessible as well.  I would like to close down all open charts at once, I would like to have the exclusion tabs for reporting per CMS guidelines for those of us who are attesting under MCD.

  • Mma200us

    We need feature to track ordes and consults.  We sould  be able to use eprescribing  with out having to type.

  • Jill_reid_moa


  • Solersys

    Rx writing is too cumbersome. Takes up a lot of time. The Rx instructions should have an option to choose previously written instructions for a previously written Rx with the click of the mouse.
    Also the frequently written Rxs are not listed in alphabetical order.
    All these enhansements could cut back the time needed to see and expedite a patient visit.

  • Kris

    These are wonderful updates – thank you!  And keep up the good work!

  • Wen

    We need to have patient insurance eligibility check. That will be a big save!

  • Providence_Peds

    In the Document section the Document Type menu should customizable to the practice needs rather than a fixed set as it is currently available. This will improve the organization and retrieval of documents loaded into PF

  • Yerby

    When will you improve your pharmacy search mechanism.  It is slow, clumsy and inaccurrate forcing me to look up pharmacies using conventional paper methods at least 50% of the time!

  • Hanpu Chao

    For the past couple of years I have been requesting the following features for Practice Fusion:
    1. Please enable copying and pasting elements of templates between any 2 templates
    2. Please enable saving a modified template under a new, different name
    These features would allow users to build new templates from existing templates in a systematic and highly efficient manner and would tremendously enhance the power, functionality and flexibility of Practice Fusion (over its entire competition).
    Could the Practice Fusion Team please check if such additional functionality is available within Adobe Flash Player and then let us know?

  • Hmessec

    This software package is far from perfect or “premium” but I see improvements that enhance it’s usefulness on a continuing basis.  It is WELL worth the “price”.  Keep up the good work. 

  • Barbara

    I am in agreement also regarding the Feature to Flag patient accounts for various reasons, And RX also needs to be addressed, not only the staff being able to access e-RX and fill on non narcotic scripts but also the issue of the script not putting the form of medication on a printed script, example tablet, milliter.   And Also a big issue whenever a Pharmacy sends refill request on medications that have previously been “Refill as Needed” and we send the authorization back with changes, those changes are not saved on that new prescription.   

  • Michelle

    Thank you PF for continuing to improve this system, it is pretty impressive that we can utilize a program like this for free.
    I am still waiting for a text reminder option to be offered.  I also would like to see a phone reminder alert or flag option offered for patients who don’t have access to the internet or a smart phone.

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    Thanks for the suggestions, we take feature requests in our user forum and it’s also a great place to network with fellow PF users:

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    Thank you!

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    Hi Linda, this is something we are looking into right and as soon as they are available to us we will update the EHR. 

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    Hi Michelle, thanks for the positive feedback, it makes all the work worth it! 

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    If you find that the search isn’t working right, please contact our support team and we cna investigate. 

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    Thanks Kris!

  • DrSmith

     And a child’s weight should be displayed (preferably in metric and pounds) on the screen with name, DOB etc on the medication prescribing module up in the corner.  We dose per kg on most meds, and while this and a good growth chart upgrade don’t matter to most of your users, we are as committed as they are to improving your platform.  THIS cannot be a difficult display change.

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    Hi All,

     Thanks for your feedback, we truly appreciate it and are glad that you are a fan of EHR Bloggers. For feature requests, please share them in our user forum so that our product management team can prioritize them (they receive notifications after requests are posted). Thanks again for joining in on this discussion.

  • Shadi

    I agree with the posts here.  The system is inefficient. 
    The e-Rx is very time consuming for the doctor.  I hate having to go through entering a new medication
    order (and delete the old entry) every time I need to increase the dose.  I think am getting to the point where am
    willing to pay the $500 to $1000 per month for a more efficient system that
    allows me to see more patients in a shorter amount of time.  And by the way, I never use the templates (if
    that’s what you want to call them) they provide.  I think they are a joke.  I type all my notes by hand.  

  • Mohammad Almulki

    Yes I do very much ,I was able to customized it the way I like it.I used to have a table to track down preventive measures ,where the vertical axis has the date when test is done ,and the horizontal
    axis the test ID .
    For example.
    CBC/CHEM/HGA1C/PSA/LIPED/CXR/PFT/Colonoscopy/Mamogram/Eye exam/PAP Smear.

    2/11. 3/10. 2/10. 3/10. 5/11. 11/11.

    So once table is generated we only need to enter the date .
    Some thing similar to the V/S / wt / BMI TABLE

  • Beverly Tchang

    When is PF going to be down? April 17? Between what hours?

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    Hi Beverly, the EHR will be down Tuesday from 8pm- 2am PST time. Here’s a great forum post with tips for working offline:

  • Officemanager

    I would like several new features.  Please list the patients insurance on the kareo bill so we can code correctly.  Also, we need a”pop up” “hot” alert for important information on our patients that we enter one time in their chart and it will pop up when we enter their chart.  Also needed is a way to attach a pop up with a procedure code.  EX: 11721 pop up would read: (every 61 days) or 11056 (referring dr needed).  Thanks.

  • Jean Sutherland

    I agree.  This should be high priority!  We could be seeing more patients, instead of spending so much time on e-Rxs

  • Jean S


  • Jean Sutherland

    Thanks for the new features!  The one click sign will be useful!

  • carlbeth

    PF, you are making steady progress, thank you. Please keep the improvements coming. There is so much we still need to use our EHRs efficiently and to their maximum potential.  I put laboratory flow sheets and greater one page data access (eg one page with meds, diagnoses, phone #s etc to allow a quick previsit or pre-phonecall chart review) at the top of my wish  list… 

  • Joy Fry

    This is a major frustration for our practice as well.  We have patients that are on upwards of 12 medications and it really slows down the physician.  Especially when they have to do each rx seperately!  We need bulk rx’s and staff enabled rx’ing ASAP

  • Tjhmd1

     I agree. Not only should there be an automatic phone alert, ut also text messaging alert. many people have cell phones that aren’t smart phones. They can receive a text message, but not an email. 
    Also, we find that too often the email alerts end up in a ptient’s spam folder.  What can be done about that?

  • Paul Newsom

    Most important FUTURE feature is . . . ?  First, thanks to everyone for playing, but the correct answer is: “A direct FAX into ‘Documents’ folder.”  The staff time spent managing/converting from paper is enormous.  Most of us can’t get digital lab reports anyway, and if you’ve talked to your favorite labs, they’re light years from communicating with PF.  Yeah, I know, it’s probably never going to happen, but thanks to PF for moving us all en masse into meaningful use despite what “shady” says below.  :-)

  • Dr H

     Just put in the zip code alone.  Dont put in the address or name. It seems to work with less info. Only once have I not found the pharmacy.  The problem is knowing the right zip code.

  • Dr h

     I agree.  Why can’t reminder go to two email addresses, or email and phone, email and text, etc.

  • Dr Harrison

    The Rx list is very cumbersome.  It takes too much time to use.  If I want to put down all the medications a new patient takes, how about allowing me to put in just the name of medication, dosage, and frequency?

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    We appreciate your feedback but we do not take feature requests from the blog, the best place to post them would be in our user forum:

  • Lorraine

    new look launched but insurance screen hasn’t updated….?

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    You are correct. We haven’t released those features yet but will be soon. 

  • Grehaw

    Totally agree!!!   It’s ludicrous that the format disappear when a previous note is used for a new note.

  • Pete

    Hoping that PF will see this thread.  It’s amazingly slow to have to send each ERx individually; “bulk” would be much more efficient. 



  • Smcneill

    An improvement that would be helpful in my practice would be to have a way to track who made, changed and deleated appointments. 

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    Hi all, we appreciate your feedback but cannot respond to feature requests on the blog. To have feature requests sent directly to our product management team, you will need to request them via our user forum:

  • Rachellebridges

    Lab flow sheets would be a welcome change.  It would also be nice to be able to access lab flow sheets and all OV from the RF request window and from message window.  This would allow more efficient review to answer RF requests and question from the patients.

  • dr cynthia

    1) I would like to see texting as an option to notify patients of appointmnts; 2) would like to be able  to open more than 1 window at a time…If I am typing a referral and need to refer to the note, I have to close out the window, pull up the note then start the referral from the beginning – 3) Need to be able to save the referral in addition to faxing, many parents still want to to have a copy of the referral, in addition, adding a ‘signature’ would make the fax more legit.

  • Shea Steinberg-PF

    Please note, we do not take feature requests from the blog. You will need to log them in our user forum:

  • Nancy Family Practice

    We have also requested the name alert feature!

  • Pusdoc

    PF would be a lot closer to what real notes look like if the boxes for vital signs did not come up when a phone message or “other” report was entered.  Why not ditch these? 
    Also, entering allergic reactions is a joke.  There is no place to write in free hand what the reaction is.  The drop downs you use do not often reflect the reaction of the patient.  Also, there needs to be a designation for “don’t know,” as many patients simply have no idea what the reaction was they experienced with a specific drug.  And, it is impossible to know which penicillin, for instance, caused an allergic reaction.  Why list every penicillin drug?  In short, the allergy section of PF needs a re-look to make it meaningful and user friendly.
    Also, the immunization section is similarly poorly constructed.  Often, an immunization is given at another facility.  The lot # and number of doses left in a vial are clearly not known.  How can one enter data like this?  Fix it.

  • Mz

    ability to check lab trend should be a must, please add!

  • Olympiatherapy

    When will the App be available for tablet use as this will be more conveient for those of that travel or move offices. Having the ability to do this will be amazing once it works.

  • Lokesh Reddy

    I do appreciate some of the prescription features, The new prescription features allow access to more information which
    translates to more time spent by the physician because no one else can
    access these features. I do understand how these features potentially can save patient cost.  I eagerly await changes that will improve daily charting and billing.  Over the past year, many of the requested features  are used with every single patient encounter and billing and would reduce the time spent each day not by minutes but hours.  Please let us know what the next update will bring especially for clinical workflow so I can look forward to spending less time charting and billing. Thank you very much.

  • Dp

    100% agree. Call-back feature which reminds us to get patient in for labs or visits needed.

  • Sungazer99

    When will Practice Fusion add the ability to message the actual person that medicine and medical care is actually about, that is… the patient?!!!  

    Practice Fusion is severely behind the times for this feature.  I can not stress this enough. It is inexcusable that we can not message our patients and they can not message us securely despite this being a technically achievable thing.  I know this is possible as I have used a HIPPA compliant email system for years at this point.

    This is a very important and timely addition that is needed, at least for my practice.  I am sure I am not alone in this regard.  And, I see that other systems now have the ability for patients and providers to securely message, and on an app no less, so that it makes it very easy for patients to communicate.  Why the focus on solely on messaging between providers while completely ignoring messaging between providers and patients is a complete mystery to me.

    I like Practice Fusion despite its growing pains, but this messaging issue is one that MUST be addressed now. There are many things as stated in all of the previous posts that also need to be addressed.  I am not sure why, but Practice Fusion seems to be a little out of tune with the actual logistics of getting things done from minute to minute in real practice.  I really hope you address that.  I realize that the effort has likely been on moving towards compliance for the $44K prize, and that is fine, but if the frustration level with the platform ultimately makes it unusable, then we all lose.  I urge you to consider all of the suggestions you hear on an ongoing basis to be at least 10 times more important and frustrating than you think they are.  Bring in a variety of outside users to help your process if you need to.  I have been with Practice Fusion for a couple years now.  Probably the only reason I stick with it is that I have a small practice.  It would simply be too inefficient if I had a higher volume practice.  It seems to me that things are not happening as quickly as they should, indicating maybe a combination of lack of hearing and lack of doing. Both can be improved by deciding to. Please, please do get this right.